Joey atlas Truth about Cellulite - There is also a sex difference factor of fat available for men and women: in women affected by cellulite is a loss of encapsulated fat pattern and placed in columns unlike the man who is in diamonds.
This is because tissue septa women lose its oblique arrangement and vertically are rearranged so that they lose tension and causing the fat to protrude, toward the epidermis see testimonials

Obviously there are many known factors that initiate, exacerbate or perpetuate this disease. Besides these there are others that are related to its pathogenesis as:

Different hormones and hormonal factors are related directly or indirectly with cellulite, particularly the female hormones estrogen and (follicle stimulating). For this reason you can see the beginning of this syndrome or worsening in different stages of female life: puberty, menarche, sexual activity (oral contraceptives and other devices), pregnancy and menopause. There is a relationship between thyroid hormones, in specific and cellulite. It was observed a significant decrease;
Nutritional factors and lifestyle:

Obviously poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyle are bad combinations. There is a popular belief without scientific foundation or biostatistics, that cellulite is strictly related to obesity. This is not so: almost 30% of women with cellulite are thin and even its members have fat percentages below average. Clearly, obesity is a cause we must fight aggravating, but not this the reason for concern see testimonials

The current eating habits exemplary copied as children and incorporate as normal teenagers are moving a diet that was always recognized as such worldwide nutrition: the Mediterranean. Needless to acquire new eating habits or very far from our customs, but simply return to the kitchen of our grandmothers;

On the other hand only to show that the meat (red and chicken) contains varying amounts of hormones and hormone residues that alter metabolism in general, and adipose tissue, in particular.For more info go to, Truth about Cellulite by Joey Atlas."   

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