The meat diets are allowed all kinds of meat and fish. And as stated above shall be allowed entry baked, boiled, dried and spaceman meat on the grill.
From supplements allow all spices except ketchup and mustard, in fact all the supplements that contain carbohydrates

It is important to note that it is not allowed frying foods, mostly because of flour and bread crumbs.
Since food is necessary to exclude all foods containing starch, then all kinds of dairy products, sweets and snacks. In contrast allows the consumption of  mineral water, carbonated water, black coffee and tea sweetened with artificial sweetener.

As you can see, each child has their own rules for that if you want to succeed, one should first of all be a character, and abides by all of the above and try to continue just gentler pace after the deadline JOEY ATLAS SCAM

What you should keep in mind that not every person the same and not everybody can just decide to go on a diet. It is necessary prior consultation with a doctor, because some children can be very harmful to the body, and it cannot get well.

So before you decide on a diet regime, consider carefully whether your body can handle it.

Have you ever wondered why many women around the world with a smile on his face talking about how in a very short time and without too many sacrifices have

lost a number of pounds? The answer lies in one of the most popular diet known as the French Dukan diet or a diet designed by a French neurosurgeon Pierre  customized fat loss

It was this famous doctor gave myself the task to design the most efficient and safe way for health weight loss.
In the past thirty years he devoted himself to the study of nutrition, diet and their impact on the neuro-system and the body as a whole. Certainly the

number of skeptics at the beginning of a much larger, but over time the number dropped to coming research results. Certainly a number of skeptics at the

beginning were much higher, but over time the number dropped to coming research results.
Dukan Diet or the French diet guarantees fast weight loss in a short time. The principle of the child based on protein consumption, which is carried out in

four phases. According to Dukan no way of weight loss cannot be healthy if the man himself enters the food that contains a high percentage of fat.
The first phase
The first stage of a child is the most important, and it is considered a good starting point for the other three phases. It is the most aggressive one, based

solely on the consumption of protein. That would be your meals had to rely solely on dairy products and meat, fish and eggs. Dairy products and meat, fish

and eggs.
The first phase is the most responsible for the rapid weight loss, and is depending on how many pounds you want to lose. From one to 10 days, up to you as an

individual to decide. In the initial part of a man slowly reduces appetite, and since the proteins have little calories, weight loss is more than obvious.

Disharmonious A condition implies that there is excess or lack of vibration of a certain color.
 This can occur through some external agent, such as an accident or domestic, through a mind that saves a lot of negative thoughts that alter the vibrations Kyle Leon Product

Num completely healthy body energy flows are harmonious and     absorbed by the chakras.
 The opposite happens when there is a blockage of one kind or another in the subtle bodies.
As already shown in the drawing on this page have seven primary rays distributed along the base of the spine to the crown of the head which are seven in

number and each one of which has a particular color, these chakras or vortices bind with the spine at regular intervals.
Energy enters the body through the chakras and then redistributed throughout the body.
Consider then, the red and orange chakras govern the physical level and enteric in man and serve the vital energy required by these bodies, although we must

remember that the activities of the chakras are not only located, but channels that distribute energy.
It's yellow chakra governs the lower mental, and is also related to the influences emotional.

It's green chakra governs the heart called the higher mental, but also influence the higher emotions like sympathy, tenderness, understanding and compassion.
It's blue or throat chakra (throat) is the center of religious and spiritual instincts.

On the other hand does not use any type of waste that the body has difficulty eliminating, color therapy does not treat symptoms, it addresses the root of  the imbalance.

Chromo therapy employs the kind of remedy that is closer to the constituents of the aura that are rays (colors).
The Seven Subtle Bodies Introduction To Dr. Darwin Smith
First aura
The first is that aura that emanates from the physical-enteric body and its base is the center of the spine. The enteric body contrary to physical captures

the vital prank or vital energy of the atmosphere and the distribution system.
In a healthy body the first aura radiates through regular and straight lines from the center of the body outward. In case of illness the lines seem to drop

something as bright curved conductors.
Second aura
The second aura emanating from the astral or emotional center in the spleen and circumscribes the astral body extending for about thirty inches from the body

 Any change of thought or emotion causes a change in this aura, this layer vibrates and continually changes. When harmonica, often brilliant and luminous indicating emotional balance.

Third aura
The third aura is the expression of man's intellectual structure and its strength depends on the development of his faculties, which in turn depends on the

education he received. This aura is oval and emits a pale yellow color when developed.

Provides greater joy, playfulness and libido, eliminates fat in localized areas

Develops creativity, purifies the system and is beneficial for the skin, deep yellow fortifies the body and acts on internal tissues Introduction To Kyle Leon
Increases antiseptic anti-infective physical and mental ability, strong Green, and regenerating
Calms and balances, is analgesic, regenerates the cells of muscles, nerves, skin and circulatory system, strong blue lubricates joints and joints
Forte acts as desorbs strider and cauterizing veins, vessels and arteries and removes impurities from the blood, anesthetic indigo, coagulant and purifier of the blood stream, clears the psychic currents
Sedative of motor nerves and lymphatic system, sears infections and inflammations
Gives the influence of the Sun, giving encouragement and exaltation Is the opulence and wealth Accelerates the pace of the dancer Silver Gives the influence

of the Moon, provides mystery, magic, responsiveness and a more feminine nature.   Discuss Chromo therapy is exciting, it is a topic with no limit to their physical and emotional scope, because his goal is to rebuild the enteric body through the application of color corrects in the chakras, making it able to vitalize the physical body.

Most fruits and vegetables inside 'inform'
At about 99 percent of the fruit and vegetables in Dutch shops is less than the legal amount allowed
However, it was in 62 cases exceeded by the more than eight thousand monsters who took the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) between

July 2011 and June 2013. Health standard
In cases where residues of pesticides are found, the amount so low that the health effects are almost always negligible, concludes the inspection.
The so-called Maximum Residue Limit (MRL) is defined by the EU, who is responsible for very large safety margins into account.
Most violations come from countries like China, Kenya, Suriname, Turkey and the Dominican Republic. But these countries are going through tighter controls

increasingly with EU requirements.
The RIVM is too little or not eating fruits and vegetables a much greater health risk than the ingestion of pesticides residues.
Who wants to be sure that there are no chemical pesticides sitting on fruits and vegetables, can buy more organic products.
Possibly his red cheeks a marker for an increased risk of hypertension associated with alcohol consumption . Kim recommends blushing drinkers to be with

their alcohol intake more carefully. Doctors and other health care providers should be aware of this .
Frost own words makes a distinction between man Jansen Stair and the neurologist who did the wrong diagnoses. The appreciation Driest had Jansen Steers as

humans is decreased since the "turning" of the neurologist in court and "denying the facts."


At the next appointment, the doctor knows exactly how the condition has developed and or other treatment is needed. If necessary, he can also adjust the

interim. Many systems additionally warn patients when to take their medications and give them information and advice on how to cope. Well as possible with

their complaints
In wounds: home care takes over
Difficult to heal wounds, such as an open foot or leg due to diabetes, are common in the elderly. These patients should go to the hospital regularly. Thanks

to Tele Wound Monitoring that visits can be reduced considerably. It works as follows: the GP refers the patient to a dermatologist. Which makes a diagnosis

and makes a corresponding plan for treating the wound. In collaboration with the GP home care then executes that plan.
 Upon each visit (once every four weeks, but as the wound is not expected to recover), the nurse digital photos
Through the internet she sends them to the hospital. The dermatological nurse or specialist assesses the images within a day. Shows a different treatment,

the nurse can begin with it right there. As long as the wound heals, find any further checks digitally.
When thrombosis: online and self-pierce
In the Netherlands, about 380,000 people take anticoagulants for thrombosis . They should (have) regularly check their blood clotting value. That can be a

prick sister of the thrombosis, but nowadays online.

So there are a lot of hurdles still have to be taken. But the developments are going fast. Van Geometry-Pains "Health Technology will give patients a lot of

freedom, especially the chronically ill and the elderly will be there eventually benefit, for example because they are less likely to go to the doctor do

while there is always help available, and because they can stay at home longer. Live. Five years is digital help from your doctor as common as e-mail of your

grandchild. The entire computer will obviously never replace personal contact at all. "
Remote care
Not out the door for inspections
Chronic patients often walk out the door of the flat hospital for checks. Tedious and time consuming. Thanks to modern technology, however, you do a lot at

home. Three good examples remote care, e-health, e-health, COPD, diabetes, heart disease, atria fibrillation
 In many chronic diseases, the balance is disrupted in the body. The production of glucose, for example disrupted (diabetes ), the heart becomes a regular

stroke ( arrhythmia ) or alveoli are inflamed (COPD).
Patients must therefore arrange for inspection to the doctor or hospital. Often turns everything right then and is such visit was actually unnecessary.
 On the other hand, if the symptoms suddenly get worse, it is often difficult to make an appointment soon

Always pay extra attention to your e-mail correctly addresses, so he does not fall into the wrong hands.
The name, address, date of birth and patient number in the email. So you can not be confused. Else with someone
Make sure your GP briefly and clearly informs about your symptoms and the question you have.
If you are on the consultation with "you" appeals to your doctor, do so in the e-mail correspondence. Do not go jibe JOUEN even sign your doctor with the

first name. "Dear Doctor" is a common term of address.
The probability is very small, but still: online communication is not one hundred percent waterproof. Keep that in mind.
Remote care: the patient has control health brings care closer
Over five years, digital relief of the doctor as common as sending an e-mail to your best friend Now there may be a lot, but not much happens. Why is that?

digital doctor, care-at-distance, e-health We mail with (small) children, family and friends, book our holidays online and find friends on the Internet or a

new love. But digital care? It still feels weird. Yet it seems that development does not stop.
E Health era
Experts know for sure: we are on the threshold of a new era in health care, the so-called e Health era. Another name for e Health is' remote care. But actually doing e Health opposite: it brings healthcare closer. You get through the computer doctor, nurse or home care worker in the home.