We present some basic recommendations for traveling if you have musculoskeletal problems, varicose veins, also if you have heart disease and blood vessels, lung, you will also find recommendations for the elderly and pregnant women, dermatological tips and expert advice on travel medicine Article Source By Joey Atlas Scam Author Of Joey Atlas (http://health.revieweds.com/truth-about-cellulite-review/)

Godspeed and especially happy to return!
Attention to stay in place with high temperature - consult a cardiologist

During the summer holidays is typically associated with traveling to and staying in places with high temperature.

Patients with chronic cardiovascular diseases (CVD), including hypertension, who are long in stable condition, nothing precludes made the journey, joey atlas review but one must think that the increased strain on the body not only in healthy people, but it is especially in patients .

This is due to regime change: it can appear the stress associated with travel, increased sports activity, changing eating habits, paradoxically; we have the holiday less physical rest and sometimes lack or poor quality of sleep.

For chronically ill patients, including those with cardiovascular diseases is therefore necessary to follow certain guidelines.
On hot days, increasing demands on water intake (twice daily dosage), especially if it is increased and physical activity

 The loss of fluid in the heat, but there is no increase in sweating and physical exertion.
The risk is much higher in patients treated with diuretics (patients with chronic heart failure, hypertension)=>>Grow Taller 4 Idiots Review

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