Although it is just barely two years ago Daniela began their CGT treatments she remembers almost no way it was when all the constraints kept her in fear of constant preparedness for disaster Joey Atlas Scam

- Sometimes I find myself having to "Javisstja, this did not before," when she goes out and have coffee, for example, without checking how clean the coffee cup is.
Before, she could not cook for friends, buy groceries without närstudera every being, eat at restaurants, go to and from work without a controlling round at least half an hour, sit down on the subway, open the window at work. Fear of contagion, fire and burglar gave her a paralyzing anxiety.

- My obsessions and all the controls took over the total. I was not suicidal but I had no life. Now I have a new life thanks to the intense CGT treatment at Karolinska Hospital Anxiety Unit, says Daniela.
Today Daniela regret that she had not sought good help in the past.She was afraid to be admitted and forced medication because she "was so crazy." Ideally, she wanted to have all the control itself. She went on sick leave for burnout, but received no psychological help.

Therefore, she was looking up a therapist online without checking out her training or other credentials. She was advised to put up post-it notes when she checked the stove, coffee machine and everything else to "just" check once. It never felt right but Daniela went on a long time and paid a lot of hope that her compulsion would disappear. Today, she understands that the therapist's advice rather perpetuated controlling demand.

Daniela has had controlling force since the 20s, but she had an eating disorder even earlier. Actually, it was Daniela's wise gynecologist who got the ball rolling. She noted Daniela overweight and gave her a referral to make an eating disorder examination. That led to her being granted a CGT treatment of eating disorders and then to his severe obsessional problems. It is not uncommon to eating disorders and compulsive problems are interrelated.
Daniela has had many different kinds of obsessions. greatest security constraint has been, to put out, shut down, lock. But also wash obligation quotation for fear of germs and contamination. When she arrived at the Karolinska she tried, previously refused, antidepressant medication and am grateful for it. They make her calmer.

- I'll never forget my first exposure. I would take the spots on a couch, exposed disgusting stains, then put on my face, take an apple and eat it.Then I thought I would faint.

Daniela says the harsh treatment has given her control for real and that she has regained the sprallighet she had when she was 25 and thought about the future, not with despair but on the contrary.

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