If you want to convince your superiors that you would be a good boss, you'll have to handle. Start by colleagues pay attention and submit them a helping hand when needed, when we dig a colleague legs, hurting him.
We keep opinions to you?
Do not be surprised that in the promotion of your name boss will not. Nothing you have not convinced you that the welfare of the company at heart http://health.revieweds.com/

Consultations are still there to be many options chosen the best, when you have things to say, so your idea before all the Present just so you have a chance to explain what you're doing, and see if you understand others.

Workaholics discouraged! It shows that I'm diving at work because you cannot plan it, let alone be divided among the slaves. Keep a daily schedule. First, solve the surgery, then the task is difficult and time consuming. Follow the break for lunch. Working without respite ceases to be effective after a few hours

If you have all five professional P and your career still stagnant - Consult with a professional on the image, although it will cost you something happen, but you get an objective assessment specialist who will see the same eyes as your boss.
The boss is always right -

Experiences of Australian professional agencies confirm that most employees quitting because of intolerable boss. Poor superior force them to leave work more often than low pay and slow career advancement.

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