The product can hurt the business of manufacturers of surgical equipment and litotripcia and professionals who benefit from highly cost effective interventions.
Currently, what is the ultimate treatment to remove kidney stones?

Undoubtedly, a global trend is the search for increasingly less aggressive and more natural treatments.
 People are turning to oriental medicine, naturopaths, homeopaths, nutritionists and therapists in search of solutions that solve their health problems without the risk of side effects or damage to other parts of the body Kyle Leon

In this sense, a product that has excelled and deserves our attention is the NQI, which usually solves the problem in a painless, natural and totally without contraindications form.
Turning to more traditional treatments and commonly used by urologists, find as more modern methods lithotripsy, ESWL and external fragmentation by shock waves, which although still widely used pose risks of developing other health problems in the long term.

If we treat the problem from the clinical point of view / outpatient / surgical, we also find the techniques for removal of calculations that have been disseminated by the first world countries and are already available on the best urology clinics, New Fat Loss

which are minimally invasive therapies, in which the calculation is approached through the use of a sensitive and specific equipment (flexible )

That is inserted through the urethra and follows the irater toward the kidney, allowing direct visualization of the stone and its fragmentation needs with Homium laser.

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