Motivational coaches argue that fair and responsible boss who trusts his subordinates; one can extract the best features and total performance. Expressed in

numbers, makes these properties superior 65 percent of our motivation allocation of interesting tasks then make up 25 percent pay only ten percent.
To see more on the payroll a digit - Then the meeting with your boss, prepare carefully. People should ask for a raise when you consider that their hard work

and challenges are greater than their salary, alternatively, if already working in the company for several years and the salary is not increased them. It's

good to be clarified in advance what you will argue. Do not be shy to praise. No worries, tell them you are the most experienced team or you train others.

Just a list of your skills and achievements is a good conversation with your boss to start. The salary increase may not fall even mention astute employer

very quickly understand where you're going.
Asking for a raise, you should come a time when you have achieved some visible success, or at the time when your work performance in the long term good. Also

important is the choice of the day. The beginning of the work week is usually hectic at the end, everyone enjoyed the weekend. Wednesday and Thursday are the best.

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