"After rapped the woman was totally at the end," said Ulrich Egle, medical director of the Psychosomatic Clinic in Gengenbach recalls.

With him, the 46-year-old presented two months ago. You’re in luck, because the doctor was able to explain their complaints: as a reaction to the fact that she was raped as a child for years by her stepfather somanabolic muscle maximizer scam

The relationships are often unrecognized - Already in the nineties, researchers observed that rape victims often complained of muscular pain, headache and bone pain, which could be accounted for directly by Indeed.

Recently scientists confirmed from the University of North Carolina, which psychosomatic as Ulrich Egle suspected for a long time: Rape often triggers pain from in areas of the body, which is not directly victims of violence.

About 60 percent of the 74 study participants suffered three months after the rape under new-onset pain in at least one region of the body, most commonly on the head, neck, back or abdomen. http://health.revieweds.com/somanabolic-muscle-maximizer-reviews/"We know that such pain may occur even years after that," says Egle. He has researched and published already 20 years ago about it, but hardly anyone wanted to know anything about it.

"The problem is considered too little," says Georgios Kokinogenis, senior physician in psychosomatic medicine at the University Hospital in Bern. Many doctors are still of the opinion pain would arise only through a personal injury or a non-functioning organ and you can eliminate a repair like a broken car.

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