The intervertebral joints connect each vertebra and define the direction of movement. Range varies but determined not only by the shape of the joint, but also the freedom of the joint capsule, ligaments and muscles. Connecting the upper cervical spine head is completely different from the concentration of other vertebrae.

The first two vertebrae carry the entire weight of the head while his special arrangement in the shape of a ball joint allows movement of the head practically in all directions find the truth

Atlas is associated with tooth Axis mainly massive ongoing cross ligament and other ligaments strengthening this connection.

Massive ligament prevents the movement of the head movement of a tooth into the spinal canal, which in these places is the medulla oblongata, containing vital centers. Therefore, in case of injury, where the ligament is torn, set instantaneous death.

The combination of lumbar spine with sacrum - This connection is made by the last lumbar vertebra and at the same time massive ligaments connecting the lumbar spine with a pan find the truth

The motion segment is made up of two adjacent vertebrae, intervertebral discs, joints and related muscles when movement is simultaneously moving all structures.

When reclining the vertebral body at the front edge closer together, intervertebral disc under the influence of pressure on the leading edge tapers and its core moves toward the rear edge. Postpone the rear edge of the vertebral body.

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