Sleep hygiene takes practice! Also important: the darkness in the bedroom. Light decreases the production of melatonin, the hormone that makes us tired. . I am not suggesting that a cheese sandwich will solve all sleep problems. But sometimes it helps. I therefore basically sleep with sleeping mask

If I have to go to the bathroom at night times, I make no light; otherwise I would be wide awake! I've learned to move me in the dark. Granted, sometimes when I am with friends to visit, there are difficult situations. Scare people when they meet me at night in the dark - I do not, because I wear eye mask.

A friend was desperate times in the early morning before her toilet door, I was in the bathroom. She rattled the door - closed. And no light shone through the crack.
Is there some idiot cut off from the outside?” I heard her curse. I had made no light, was enough for me, of course, the red light of the electric toothbrush, to get my bearings. Kyle Leon Of course I did not answer her; my voice would wake me up. I waited until she was on her way to the other toilet the apartment and then snuck back to bed.

It is not always easy to live good sleep hygiene. But when I get up rested in the morning, I know: It was worth it.

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