He needs rehabilitation, recovery, massages ...

Well, Pranks says this cell shape to get a lot of oxygen.

Then, oxygen in cells fulfills these Hot Plug red blood cells in the lung. They are very happy, going to the heart, the heart is "Firkin" in the arteries, and then enter the body.

Aggressive and destroy the artery is the artery of the heart.

Therefore, you should not do, because there are a lot of problems. He says that these rogue cells with high early and energy in the capillaries. And then it starts to have problems with his fingers, toes, feet swell ...
Their approval thirty breath test, which is introduced into the body is less oxygen processes in the body, the body can produce oxygen directly.

This is according to him, the so-called cold start. Administration when the flood of internal oxygen fills the capillaries, arteries and disrupts the body regenerates.

Of course, he took the treatment of various diseases in Russia has cured hundreds of people. He says he never hurts, and it will help a lot better healing.

Improviser, theater and film actor, director, broadcaster, author, screenwriter Jar Slavic Dusk is kind of figure. Her theater projects (Vinita, soul, The Four Agreements ...), who are equally interested parties and the public, which can be considered part of the American national treasure.

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