Disharmonious A condition implies that there is excess or lack of vibration of a certain color.
 This can occur through some external agent, such as an accident or domestic, through a mind that saves a lot of negative thoughts that alter the vibrations Kyle Leon Product

Num completely healthy body energy flows are harmonious and     absorbed by the chakras.
 The opposite happens when there is a blockage of one kind or another in the subtle bodies.
As already shown in the drawing on this page have seven primary rays distributed along the base of the spine to the crown of the head which are seven in

number and each one of which has a particular color, these chakras or vortices bind with the spine at regular intervals.
Energy enters the body through the chakras and then redistributed throughout the body.
Consider then, the red and orange chakras govern the physical level and enteric in man and serve the vital energy required by these bodies, although we must

remember that the activities of the chakras are not only located, but channels that distribute energy.
It's yellow chakra governs the lower mental, and is also related to the influences emotional.

It's green chakra governs the heart called the higher mental, but also influence the higher emotions like sympathy, tenderness, understanding and compassion.
It's blue or throat chakra (throat) is the center of religious and spiritual instincts.

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