The default location is the same as the last part of the handle.
Belt can not be so, to wear the shoulder and arm the palm a little body to the ground in an upright position.

Kyle Leon Info:The only movement is done again in the elbow joint, and hit the ground near the body.
In order to implement the extended elbow and back to starting position, there are three institutions.

We will display the elbow of forging full original and continued development of joint injury and ultra-portable. Stretch of the arm, about as much as bending ...

I extend the elbow in the vertical position
We will return to the starting position of the first again. The body TRX, in the upright position in front of the body, depending on the complexity of, Palm in the face on the floor - the hand that holds the pull-down

We move when you imagine triceps gets a lot of ups and downs is similar.
The difference, of course, also includes a muscle groups different to the position of the body.
Since this will be a very difficult task to be operated on the shoulder, triceps, the work to transfer their weight to the leg from the foot just when I pull the front legs forward

In the series, I recommend that you vacuum relief. Of course, to help, we do not use vacuum, but only to maintain better its position.

These exercises are not worth that attempted to execute a pattern of "iron" I definitely
Problem with the help, combine the exercises one or two for your body, is an important new impetus to improve by itself.

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