Relieve stress prenatal
Although pregnancy is not associated with an increased risk for anxiety disorders or depression, many women live as a stressful period which, if not addressed, can lead to certain behavioral and developmental problems in children Visit Here

Now a study suggests that use quiet music as a tool to aid relaxation, to appease the stress and tension and, in turn, free of insomnia that would help pregnant women to ease stress and relieve prenatal effects this leads to newborns.
Listening to relaxing music 30 minutes a day would help pregnant women to reduce prenatal stress. This is what concludes a recent study in Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan, and published in the "Journal of Clinical Nursing". The work was conducted with a sample of 236 pregnant women undergoing random mentioned them to listen music or proceeding with the usual standard prenatal care. Those who chose to listen to music they did half an hour daily for 15 days. The music included classical pieces, lullabies, nature sounds and music for children GOOD REVIEW

Both at the beginning and end of the study pregnant women answered questionnaires about items related to stress, anxiety and depression. At two weeks, according to the results of the study, levels of stress, anxiety and depression in women who had listened to music decreased, according to a standard scale, while the control group showed no change.
The reason is that music provides, according to experts, "sensory information" that influences the nervous and hormonal systems to calm the physiological response to daily stress.

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