It is well suited to exfoliate dead skin flakes and a light massage. The so-called vacuum or cupping massage is effective, as due to the vacuum created inside the cans, the blood rushes to the skin very strongly, thereby accelerating the metabolism and the skin, getting all the necessary smoother and firmer. Joey Atlas Scam To do this massage, oil the problem areas, push the bank to the skin and move around. Once it sticks, keep a circular motion. One-two cans will suffice.

The duration of the massage - 10 minutes on one problem area - By the way, there is also an electric vacuum massage. Anti-Cellulite Massager electric type has the same effect, so only use it easily. In addition to the capture of the skin, then smooth rollers and soothe it.

Greater coverage is Vibro. These come in the form of a belt or even a mattress. By the way, it is believed that the anti-cellulite massagers of this kind are not as effective as the above types of devices for massage. But with the help Vibrating can maintain skin and muscle tone but they all deserve happiness regardless of whether they have an orange peel or not. Joey Atlas Scam Thus, virtually without effort - choosing a massage for cellulite, remember that the best impact does a comprehensive approach to treatment. A balanced diet, the maximum movement and massage will make you and your attractive shape and fit.

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