The meat diets are allowed all kinds of meat and fish. And as stated above shall be allowed entry baked, boiled, dried and spaceman meat on the grill.
From supplements allow all spices except ketchup and mustard, in fact all the supplements that contain carbohydrates

It is important to note that it is not allowed frying foods, mostly because of flour and bread crumbs.
Since food is necessary to exclude all foods containing starch, then all kinds of dairy products, sweets and snacks. In contrast allows the consumption of  mineral water, carbonated water, black coffee and tea sweetened with artificial sweetener.

As you can see, each child has their own rules for that if you want to succeed, one should first of all be a character, and abides by all of the above and try to continue just gentler pace after the deadline JOEY ATLAS SCAM

What you should keep in mind that not every person the same and not everybody can just decide to go on a diet. It is necessary prior consultation with a doctor, because some children can be very harmful to the body, and it cannot get well.

So before you decide on a diet regime, consider carefully whether your body can handle it.

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