Harvesting takes place from underwater plantations in the period from early June to late September. One hectare receives up to 100 tons of plant matter. In the sale of kelp often enters frozen (generally as a food product), and dried (usually for medical and cosmetic purposes) species.

Joey Atlas  At least - in sheet form (kelp thallus is usually earmarked for natural treatments for the body: body wraps, etc.)

As part of kelp seaweed contains a record for the number of plants of iodine, and in his rare, easily digestible organic form, as chlorine, potassium, sodium, magnesium, silicon, calcium and fluoride. These complex elements supplemented vitamins B, in particular vitamins A, D, C and protein compounds (up to 20% of total weight). All this makes the use of seaweed in the food excellent method of prevention and treatment of many diseases.

Kelp Of course, the first place in the list of indications for use is kelp iodine deficiency and thyroid disease. Moreover, to meet the daily needs of the body for iodine has enough to eat it in the amount of 30-40 grams per day. Joey Atlas Scam Plus, the kelp is very effective for weight loss.

This is due to its ability to induce satiety, and rid the body of excess fluid and waste products, establish metabolism. And thanks to the presence of algae are a large number of proteins and vitamins.

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