Cellulite threatens girls since puberty, which is an obvious link with
Cellulite are indeed vulnerable women of all ages, but in
the highest risk group includes girls at puberty, women after
pregnancy, menopause and women taking hormonal contraceptives and
hormone therapy.

Improper diet can be another stumbling block. Storing
toxins in the body and lack of necessary minerals and vitamins only
supports the effect of cellulite. Joey Atlas Truth About Cellulite -
The risk is caffeine and smoking, because they involve narrowing of
blood vessels and thus to impaired blood circulation. Nutrition should
be given greater emphasis on less black tea, coffee and less salt.
Foods to which a woman would have to be careful about is so much that
can easily acquire the impression that practically could not eat
anything at all! However, this may not be true.

Emphasis should be
given to drinking regime and rational, content-balanced diet and
regular (5-6x a day). Phenomenon, which is directly related to
nutrition, is called yo-yo effect.

Different kinds of diets, in which
there is a rapid loss of weight and subsequent rapid weight gain, are
probably the worst of what man can do. In case the woman decides to go
on a diet, which should be rational and less drastic calorie. Ideal
weight loss is about 1 kilogram per week.
Although cellulite can have
a lean, motion-active women, obesity is a major factor that it can
make it.

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