To post a new topic, you should answer the question: What is a habit? Habit is automatically repeated many times by the action, and the action is harmful from the point of view of the public good of others or the health of the man who fell under the bondage of habit.
Bad habits can be distinguished by its automatism and usefulness or otherwise of the action. If the action is repeated automatically cause harm or public peace and well-being, the health of others and the person himself, then we can call this action habit. Bad habits are unprofitable or directly harmful see 2013 version

These automatic actions occur because of weakness of will. If a person cannot express the will power to make a progressive action, it falls under the force of habit, which returns it to the old routine, habitual action. Habitual action - this is a habit. But, on the one hand, there are good habits and manners useful and, on the other, are bad or unhealthy habits.
Useful habits we can call such as doing exercises in the morning, wash your hands before eating, clean up after themselves all the things in place, brush your teeth every day, etc see complete package

What can be called bad habits?

Bad habits include the following:
•    Alcoholism;
•    Drug addiction;
•    Smoking;
•    Substance abuse;
•    Gambling addiction, or Gamblers;
•    Compulsive shoplifting addiction


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