It turns out that honey is absorbed into the skin, leaving a thin film layer. As long as you perform this massage on your hands gradually formed a white substance. Duration of treatment is five to ten minutes. Then honey to wash with warm water and apply a moisturizing skin cream check this link

It should be noted that the procedure for honey anti-cellulite massage is very painful, but it is equally and efficiently.
Anti-cellulite coffee mask - Coffee smoothes irregularities "orange peel" effect, reduces edema, outputting unnecessary water from the body. Cook organic coffee, wait until cool, apply to problem areas immediately after a shower (or bath) for five to ten minutes.

Anti-cellulite mask of apple cider vinegar - Apple cider vinegar and water to dilute the basis of one part water to one part vinegar the resulting mixture was put on the problem areas, then wrap them with a film of polyethylene and wear warm clothes. To enhance the effect of cellulite can you do gymnastic exercises, do not sit without moving. An hour later, rinse the mixture, and then apply a moisturizer Visit Link:

Anti-cellulite massage vacuum banks - Inexpensive and effective tool in the fight against cellulite are vacuum jars (silicone, rubber or plastic). This procedure should be carried out after taking a shower in the bathroom.

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