Contrary to popular belief, the fluid intake in excess is not always welcome, because depending on the position calculation can further aggravate the situation (a situation of obstruction of the urinary tract - urethra e.g., excess water can cause increased pain and increased renal filtration of the affected side).
It is true that kidney stones are composed of crystals? kyle leon review

Yes, and such crystals, enough to form "sludge" quantity calculus, can actually cause pain, because blocking, even for a short time, the urethra, causing swelling and pain.

Since it is not completely solid, tends to move with urine and to be spontaneously eliminated in most cases.
 It feedstock Renal calculus, therefore, an adequate amount of liquid to be ingested about 2 liters per day evenly distributed to prevent the crystals join and cause obstruction.
The normal is that this calculus mud always be eliminated with regular consumption of water, but in many cases, due to metabolic dysfunction problems, even ingesting too much water some people cannot eliminate this material, which crystallizes and form kidney stones

For these cases, regular use of a product with action as the NQI is highly suitable as it removes these crystals and prevents the formation of kidney stones Visit Fat Loss Review
It is true that Gatorade taking too much can cause kidney stones?

The answer is simple. The drink Gatorade is designed to rehydrate athletes who practice strenuous exercises like marathon, triathlon, etc. and that lead to the loss of water and minerals from the body.

A  quick and efficient way to replenish water and minerals to these athletes are sports drinks such as Gatorade.

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