So Camilla went down 20 kg
Camilla Lindahl went down as much as 20 kg by cycling and eating smaller portions.Today she is a Zumba instructor and gives lectures on motivation. - I wanted to lose weight in order to have more energy and look better.
During his youth, Camilla trained and active. But somewhere after 30, she finished with basketball practice, but continued to eat as much. Portions were large and steadily increased Camilla weight. Soon she put on the full 20 kg.

New bike - new habit:
Grow Taller 4 Idiots:On his 40th birthday, Camilla a new cycle of the family. Cycling was something Camilla enjoyed as a child so it was only natural that he started the activity in leisure time.
- When I started cycling, I thought more and more about what I ate and became more aware. I realized I wanted to start eating right and exercising in order to reach a normal weight, but also to have more energy and look better.

Told surroundings:
Camilla exercise and healthy eating started to yield results, but everything was not easy.
- The biggest challenge is to penetrate the brain. To realize that I need to stop lying to myself. "No, that portion is not just right, it's too big." The good side won in the end and the challenge today is to maintain calm. What also helped me lose weight was that I told my surroundings on my weight struggles, with support in the back, it was actually easier to

Zumbainstruktor and 20 kg lighter:
Today, Camilla is 20 kg lighter and much happier. The advantages of having lost weight are numerous. Above all, she feels lighter and more energetic.
- I can much more now that I do not have to carry around an extra 20 kg. Grow Taller 4 Idiots Orsk needed when I live a fast-paced life, among other things, I give lectures on how to keep motivated and healthy food. I'm also the leader of Zambia, Power Yoga and Pilates occasionally. It has also happened something with my taste buds now when I eat better, I feel the flavors and suddenly I find that most of it is good. The clothes fit better is not so bad either.

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