It is only very slightly inferior to other people the highest in the world - a Ukrainian Leonid Stadnik (2 meters 53 centimeters) and Tunisian Radhuanu Charbibu (2 meters 36 centimeters). Darwin Smith Grow Taller 4 Idiots - The cause of death Allen is still not known, but in the hospital, where she was, she set numerous dangerous diagnoses check the pdf version

Among them - diabetes, susceptibility to infections and renal failure, besides, it was hard to walk, so that the last years of her life she spent in a wheelchair.

Yao Ming, fortunately, is in good health, while only slightly so lucky giants. After all, most often the cause is a large pituitary tumor growth - and that she was at Sandy Allen.
The cause of such tumors usually creates by chance genetic mutation. Tissue around the pituitary gland grow rapidly, resulting in the body produces a huge amount of growth hormone. check the pdf version As a result, the trunk and the skull bone and viscera rapidly increase in size - even after growth under genetic program should stay for a long time. In this case, a person begins to destroy gravity - because his muscles and bones are simply not suited for such growth.

These people are broken skull proportions, to a huge size increase feet and hands, it becomes a huge language - and because of this the giants often suffer from shortness of breath.

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