"I use hGH, but to be honest, I do not think that was in itself quite as good. At least not compared with insulin and high doses of testosterone, "he says."
 It seems that the hGH simply other drugs (medicines, if you want to) work better with Grow taller 4 idiots scam by Darwin Smith
Jared takes hGH year The frequency and dose cycles according to the objectives and budget. "It is not cheap. Thus it right. 500-1000 bucks for a set of 100 MJ (unit) is common, "he says." Normally take 12 to 15 MJ few days a week out of season and 4-6 MJ days before the competition. "
"Planted three weeks before the event, because it can hold water However, it is excellent in the diet. Losing weight and staying fuller, "he adds.
Although medically recommended dose of hGH is below 2 MJ per day, Jared insists that its benefits are far too high.
"I've heard professionals who take 20 or more units per day. Grow taller 4 idiots But not so every day. "
Christian Thibodaux agrees. "What I've heard so occasionally higher doses might be better for anabolism, while long-term low doses for fat loss.
So 15 MJ three times a week for muscles and 2-4 MJ per day for weight loss "
Thibodaux says anabolic effect of hGH is dependent on the secretion of IGF-1, while burning fat is a result of self hGH. Secretion of IGF-1 is an awkward and rather dependent on dose.
"You need a good dose of hGH to eliminate IGF-1 anabolic response," he says with Grow taller 4 idiot’s info by Darwin Smith

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