Provides greater joy, playfulness and libido, eliminates fat in localized areas

Develops creativity, purifies the system and is beneficial for the skin, deep yellow fortifies the body and acts on internal tissues Introduction To Kyle Leon
Increases antiseptic anti-infective physical and mental ability, strong Green, and regenerating
Calms and balances, is analgesic, regenerates the cells of muscles, nerves, skin and circulatory system, strong blue lubricates joints and joints
Forte acts as desorbs strider and cauterizing veins, vessels and arteries and removes impurities from the blood, anesthetic indigo, coagulant and purifier of the blood stream, clears the psychic currents
Sedative of motor nerves and lymphatic system, sears infections and inflammations
Gives the influence of the Sun, giving encouragement and exaltation Is the opulence and wealth Accelerates the pace of the dancer Silver Gives the influence

of the Moon, provides mystery, magic, responsiveness and a more feminine nature.   Discuss Chromo therapy is exciting, it is a topic with no limit to their physical and emotional scope, because his goal is to rebuild the enteric body through the application of color corrects in the chakras, making it able to vitalize the physical body.

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