When the time for bed? Put on intuition and reason, tips trainer

Who do not know a wonderful man, brilliant communication, delicious dinner,
And a good wine, passionate kisses ... Question: Come to me or you? The dilemma is not so much where you go, but if you go into it at all. It is a time for intimate?

A smart woman knows that a man is by nature a hunter and quickly "dead prey"

Feelings are mixed and decided to drink alcohol deviates significantly to yes, I want that, despite the protests of common sense. Slides easily, but to go there again, or very, very difficult

Kooky Relationship Advice
Want to ask Coach Relations and the author of this article?

How long withstand a loss of interest? When I look like a slut seduced? And anyway, what strikes most men - a negative approach or sexy?

Angel or Devil?
What do men think of a woman who "lost" on the first date, and what about that eludes many weeks?

The truth is that the guaranteed recipe when it should be done first, exists. It depends on many factors, such as time, we know the purpose for which we are gathered. It should be easy to quit, no problem. In the case of the so-called long-term relationship, but different rules.

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