On the other hand does not use any type of waste that the body has difficulty eliminating, color therapy does not treat symptoms, it addresses the root of  the imbalance.

Chromo therapy employs the kind of remedy that is closer to the constituents of the aura that are rays (colors).
The Seven Subtle Bodies Introduction To Dr. Darwin Smith
First aura
The first is that aura that emanates from the physical-enteric body and its base is the center of the spine. The enteric body contrary to physical captures

the vital prank or vital energy of the atmosphere and the distribution system.
In a healthy body the first aura radiates through regular and straight lines from the center of the body outward. In case of illness the lines seem to drop

something as bright curved conductors.
Second aura
The second aura emanating from the astral or emotional center in the spleen and circumscribes the astral body extending for about thirty inches from the body http://health.revieweds.com/

 Any change of thought or emotion causes a change in this aura, this layer vibrates and continually changes. When harmonica, often brilliant and luminous indicating emotional balance.

Third aura
The third aura is the expression of man's intellectual structure and its strength depends on the development of his faculties, which in turn depends on the

education he received. This aura is oval and emits a pale yellow color when developed.

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