Shoes that fit with cropped fashions for tall height: trouser leg should end at the ankle or above it, and skirts and dresses - above the knee. If you are wearing flat shoes, make sure that your clothes were elegant; otherwise you'll look casually dressed get more details

Low heel - Low-heeled shoes can be of two types: the first - Moccasins with heel about 0.5 cm, and the second - shoes with a heel higher, 1.5-2 cm most women like second class. This type of footwear is very convenient; it also looks good with both pants and a skirt.
High heel - A lot of women prefer to wear high-heeled shoes not only at night but during the day to work. In that case, you need to have a change of shoes at work. If you will be spending most of the day in very high shoes, you do not avoid health problems - pain in the feet, foot deformity. Winter boots with high heels increases the risk of slipping therefore, everything in moderation get more details

As for the style of dress, shoes with very high heels require a certain length of dress: it should not be above the knee or an inch above the knee. If you want to wear a short skirt or mini-dress, shoes, choose low-heeled shoes.

Thin heel periodically enters into fashion. Fashion connoisseurs attribute it to the high style, so stiletto heels best to wear with the most fashionable clothes.

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